Extremely quiet friction-based smart power trainer

Magene’s all-new extremely quiet friction-based smart power trainer-- Tempo, featuring 5% power accuracy,electromagnetic zero calibration & warmup calibration. Ultra-quiet performance among all friction-based trainers,can also be used in conjunction with a power bank. A 20,000mah power bank can power the trainer for 4 hours.

Product Introduction

TEMPO inherits the GRAVAT’s ultra-quiet features, and with its unique warmup calibration, 

A friction-based trainer can still provide accurate power data. 

The convenience of being able to be powered by a power bank means you can use the trainer in any environment. TEMPO is the best choice of riding partner for intermediate level riders.

Power bank supply mode

Supports various ANT+ protocol bicycle computer and sports watchAdjusting the resistance or doing training courses by bicycle computerSupports different PC training software

Product Features

Power:Six poles electromagnetic brake, built-in strain gauge,+/-3% accuracy . 

Performance:provides maximum 2500w power and maximum 15% analogous slope gradient, which meets different cyclist’s demand.

Interface:Bluetooth, ANT+ dual protocol wireless interface.

Structure:aluminium alloy frame, single pivot folding structure, lighter weight, easier to take in. 

Quiet:Tempo inherits GRAVAT's ultra-quiet features, supplying the quietest performance among all friction-based trainers 

Convenient:The world's first trainer with support for power bank supplies, 20000mAh provides at least 4 hours of training.

Inertia:The same 5KG flywheel as the original GRAVAT, provides the same great inertia experience as the original GRAVAT. 

Function:supports FE-C protocol, with all functions. In addition to the official Onelap virtual training software,it supports various cycling training software, also supports to use Target power type by adjusting resistance automatically to do efficient power training. 

Firmware Upgrades:continuous technical support, optimizing the algorithms and developing function by updating Bluetooth firmware.


Max Wattage: 1500W @60KPH 

Max Incline: 13%@70KG 


Calibration: Spin-down Calibration,Zero 

Size: 680L×580W×420H 580L×510×260H Folded 

Electrical Connection:Input 100V-240V AC 50/60HzOutput 12V 5A DC/DC 9V 2A 

Wireless Technology: ANT+, Bluetooth Smart 

Total Weight: 15.6KG 

Flywheel Weight: 5kg 


Noise Level: 70db(@1.5m&30KPH) 

Supports ANT+ FE-C: Yes 

Contain : TEMPO, AC Power Adapter,Flywheel Module,Quick Release Lever,The front Wheel Pad, Adjusting Screw,Screw Spacer,Sand Streak,Mobile power cable,ANT+ Data receiver,Instructions,Warranty Card.