MAGENE  RIDGE  Single-Sided Power Meter (L)

MAGENE RIDGE Single-Sided Power Meter (LR)


Dual protocol crank arm power meter

RIDGE provides precise power data and extremely low data latency.With an all-new strain gauge cadence based algorithm, 

RIDGE is the smart choice for your outdoor power metering.


1.5% power accuracyAccurately record the power levels 

Strain gauge + accelerometer cadence measurement,Get reliable cadence data 

7.2mm thickness Guarantees Maximum Frame Compatibility 

IP67 Waterproof Resists the toughest riding environments 

MAGENE UTILITY Smartphone app allowing continuous firmware update service


ANT+ protocol

Compatible with all kinds of ANT+ protocol GPS bike computers and sports watches.Compatible with all kinds of PC training software through a USB 

ANT+ adapter 

Bluetooth protocol

Compatible with all kinds of mobile phone apps supporting standard Bluetooth speed or cadence protocol.


Power accuracy: 1.5%

PowerMeter Type: Left side crank based 

Weight: 14g 

Life time: 400 hours (riding time)Battery Type: CR2032*1 

Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.0, ANT+ 

Data Types: Power, Cadence 

Waterproof level: IP67 

Cadence measurement requires magnet: No 

Power Range: 0 - 3000 Watts

Cadence frequency range: 20 - 240 rpm 

Temperature range: -10 to +50 degrees Celsius 

Thickness: 7.2 mm 

Calibration and reset: via MAGENE UTILITY APP or GPS Bike Computer 

Firmware Upgrade Service: MAGENE UTILITY APP (Android & IOS)

Frame Compatibility: The distance between the crank on the left side and the rear chain stay is more than                                               8mm. No support for direct-mount brake frames. 

Data Compatibility: All Bluetooth, ANT+ devices that support universal power, cadence protocols