Warranty Policy


1.1Magene provides a one-year warranty for all products sold on the platform.Before you apply for related services, please confirm the following three conditions. 

  •  The Warranty is only available to the original consumer/purchaser of the product and not transferable.
  •  Your product must be purchased from this platform: https://magenefitness.com/
  •  You have not disassembled or modified the product.

Ⅱ.Warranty Details

2.1The minimum warranty period for Magene goods is 1 year.

  • For products under warranty, Magene provides you with free accessories and free manual repairs.You only need to bear the freight and duties.
  • For products beyond 1 year, you shall pay customs fees, shipping costs, spare parts costs, and repair costs.

2.2The goods should be dispatched immediately after the buyer requests repairs.In the case that the warranty period is exceeded due to customer matters, the customer bears the additional costs themselves.
2.3For defects in ridges and cranks, please contact the Shimano manufacturer.Magene does not guarantee the warranty of such originals.
2.4This warranty does not apply to defects in the goods resulting from incorrect handling by the purchaser.
2.5Warranty process: Contact support online to submit a question→get online guidance→If feedback can’t be resolved by remote guidance, you need to send product repair code to us→send product to repair
Our online guide email address:support@magene.cn
2.6The shipping address is as follows.
ADD:No.207-1, Jiushui East Road, No.130, Licang,Qingdao,Shandong,China
Postal code: 266100

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