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About Magene, it is not a quite long story, but its original idea and development are all about cycling and still on the way. So far, Magene has built its team in R&D, Design, Software, device testing, and others. Magene has enriched its product series and has been providing professional products and services to worldwide customers. First of all, let us take a quick look at Magene and get to know it briefly.

Here the story starts.

“Indoor fitness is very boring and requires strong self-control to persist.” Magene founder Peter Yu said, and how to make fitness fun is the original motivation of him and his team to develop the smart fitness system.

Peter Yu found that many people bought treadmills or spinning bikes at home, but lacked continuous and systematic training, resulting in the reduced fitness effect. "But playing games is easy to indulge." Starting from this idea, Peter Yu and his team developed a set of software and hardware products for virtual sports games, relying on electromagnetic sensing hardware to collect motion information, to inspire the players to perform longer persistence and more frequency.

Therefore, Peter Yu chose his favorite sport cycling as his career to start his two start-up companies. "Smart" and "riding" are the common keywords of these projects. For Peter Yu, a professional software engineer, combining specialty with hobbies is the best career choice.Peter Yu’s last time as CEO was in a cycling device company which was once a smash hit in the Qingdao maker circle. Its smart riding companion product was crowdfunded in JD.COM in July 2015, becoming the "fastest crowdfunding case" of 10,000 products for 23 minutes. Well, later the project has faced a series of issues like lack support for R&D and others which resulted that it came to an end in the capital winter year 2016.

However, the failure did not bring Peter and his team down. Peter Yu and his nine-people team quickly devoted themselves to the new project and established Magene Technology, also in the cycling field. They also learned a lot from the previous project and kept the “R&D came first” as their first principle.

So, in a residential building, they began to make a new journey. “In the beginning, we groped a little bit about how to make games.” Peter Yu stated, “The new online cycling game is completely different from the previous products”. So, the team recruited some employees for game plans, scenes establishment, and designs. Two months later, the first PC-side product went live. To allow participants to achieve more professional fitness in the game, the team further absorbed the members with the sports medicine background. Auxiliary training software for customizing courses and analyzing sports effects was developed.

Software is not a profit point for Magene. So far Magene has developed a set of hardware products. The Gemini200 was an entry-level speed sensor with a black sheet of a beer-cap size that can be attached to a bicycle pedal or hub during exercise to measure pedal speed and wheel speed. Right now, the speed sensor products have been enriched with Gemini 210, the latest one. Magene as well developed the Gravat series smart bike trainer, heart rate monitor Mover, spinning bike, RIDGE power meter, and others.

At present, the number of users of Magene Onelap App has exceeded 70,000, and the annual revenue has continued to increase substantially. Its technical strength also is widely recognized and has become the official cooperative brand for many cycling events in China. Magene's R&D and innovation have no end, and the team members have always been on the road with the mission of helping people enjoy science-based workouts.

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