Check if you are cycling too hard


Overtraining Syndrome (often abbreviated as OTS) the point at which a body endures more damage during exercise than it can repair, is a real concern for cyclists.⁠

You heart rate seriously changes. If you see a big change, either faster or slower while at rest, it could be a sign that you need a break.⁠

You get dropped on an easy ride. With a power meter or keeping a journal, if you flip back through the past three weeks of the log and see nothing but felt tired, it is time to take a break.⁠

Keep getting sick. Anything from a lingering cold or road rash or cuts that refuse to heal could be a sign that your body is overextended and struggling to repair itself.⁠

Your appetite is off. Over cycling may make you not feel hungry even when you are burning calories and easy to feel tired when you reduce the exercise intensity. ⁠

Decreased body balance, accompanied by reduced muscle elasticity⁠

Cannot stay motivated during cycling training programs.⁠

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